Together for a memorable job.

Most of the products we make will be hidden when the building is completed. Yet it is always there.
We support the people who gather in the place and support it as an entity that enriches the town.
By all means, let's grow together while doing memorable work.

You can be involved in the production of buildings that represent Japan.

Application Requirements

Recruitment target department
All faculties and departments
Design, Construction management, Production management, Business planning, Construction work, Sales, Manufacturing, Office work (including IT jobs)
Starting salary
184,000 yen - 194,000 yen (university graduates in 2023)
Production, Commuting, Family, Overtime pay
Twice a year
Work location
Yamagata Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, Sendai Sales Office
Working hours
8:00-17:15 (break 75 minutes)
113 annual holidays

Actively recruiting experienced people

Recruitment occupations: Design, Construction management, Production management, Corporate planning, Construction work, Sales, Manufacturing, Office work (including IT positions)
* Salaries for experienced employees will be determined individually according to our company regulations, taking into consideration experience, age, etc.

Please feel free to contact us from the following regarding the application method and job description.


  • Health insurance
  • Welfare pension
  • Industrial accident insurance
  • Defined benefit pension
  • Qualification incentive system
  • New employee training
  • Scholarship repayment support system
  • Short job rotation
  • Gym
  • Driving range
  • Fully equipped dormitory for singles


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We are looking forward to your entry.

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    Recruitment inquiries

    Itagaki Corporation Administration Headquarters Yamashina
    TEL: +81-235-66-4711 FAX: +81-235-66-4715