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Joined mid-career in 2014

Construction Management Dept./(From April 2022) Assistant Manager, Tohoku District Sales Dept.

Hired mid-career after half a year as a temporary employee. When he was in high school, he was in charge of construction in the construction management department, making use of his experience in the architecture department. He is currently in the Tohoku Region Sales Department.
*Employee affiliations are as of the time of the interview

From Temporary Employees to Permanent Employees

Entered the company mid-career, making the most of what he learned in the architecture department

I applied to Itagaki because I wanted to make use of the knowledge of CAD and the ability to read blueprints that I learned in the architecture department in high school. After experiencing work in the construction management department for half a year as a temporary employee, Itagaki approached me and joined the company as a full-time employee. In fact, until I joined the company, I thought it would be an old-fashioned ironworks with close ties to the local community. I was fascinated by it.

What is construction management?

See things from a bird's-eye view and act ambitiously

We have a wide range of work, starting with meetings with customers about construction details and schedules, ordering parts to be used at factories and sites, responding to questions and additional responses to create approval drawings, and coordinating internally. I think that taking a bird's-eye view of things and taking action is more suited to my personality than simple work. The relationship between employees is good, and it is an environment where you can teach if you are motivated. Rather than just waiting for someone to lend a hand, I think it is necessary to have an attitude of learning on your own.

What I learned through my work

What I gained was fearless confidence and excitement

I felt a great sense of accomplishment as well as a sense of liberation when I completed a short construction project that I worked on alone. Through that experience, I think I gained confidence and the ability to withstand difficult situations. Our job is to deliver the frame of the building to the site. As a result, although I was able to see the completion of the building, I did not have the opportunity to see the building actually being used. I was impressed by the time.

For job seekers

Engage in "manufacturing" by cherishing encounters with people

I have built good relationships with my customers by facing them sincerely and understanding their intentions. In order to be active in the sales department where I am transferred, human connections are essential, so I would like to cherish meeting people more than ever. Based on this experience, I think people who like interacting with people are suitable for construction management work. There is an environment where you can learn from 0, so if you are interested in architecture, don't be afraid to get involved in "manufacturing" with Itagaki.


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