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New graduates Joined in 2021

Engineering Department Quality Control Section

Joined Itagaki after graduating from technical high school. He is assigned to the Quality Control Section, where he measures the dimensions of the steel frames produced in the factory and checks and records the quality.
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Determinant of joining the company

Joined Itagaki with the backing of his teacher

Ever since I was in technical high school, I wanted to work in manufacturing in the future. When I started job hunting, there were few job openings due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, but when I was considering the company I wanted to apply for, my teacher recommended that I think Mr. Igarashi would be suitable. It was annoying. After a tour of the company and a face-to-face interview in a friendly atmosphere, I learned that my former teacher's students were active in Itagaki, and I applied to join the company.

Itagaki's corporate culture

Company-wide follow-up of new employees

After completing the training period, I was assigned to the Quality Control Section. I was surprised at the number of steel frame production processes and the severity of the inspection. I also get advice from my seniors that it's okay to rely on others, so I try to immediately confirm anything I don't understand or have any concerns about. It is not a one-way street from superiors to subordinates, but an open company where opinions can be exchanged regardless of hierarchy. There are many seniors who are far apart in age, but they are all friendly people from the same hometown. There is a sense of security that new employees are followed throughout the company.

Job satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

The joy that comes from overcoming hardships

When defects are found during product inspections, there are occasions when the customer directly criticizes us. When I overcame all of them and received the words "Please again" from the customer, I felt deeply moved. Also, when I saw the steel frame of the project I had been involved in since joining the company, I felt an indescribable sense of accomplishment. While feeling worthwhile every day, I work hard with my boss's words, "Let's do what I can do now."

For female job seekers

Serious and patient person regardless of gender

Itagaki has an environment in which it is easy to obtain qualifications, and there is also a system in place to properly evaluate these efforts. I also want to acquire a qualification for "ultrasonic testing" when I have more experience than I have now, and increase the range of my work. Quality control work is measured in millimeters and is often done silently by one person, so it is recommended for serious and patient people. It is a company where you can play an active role without discrimination between men and women, so please feel free to apply even if you are a woman.

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Employee interview

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