Employee interview

Aggressively take on big projects!
The fun of welding lies in solving difficult problems

New graduate joined in 2016

Manufacturing Department Welding Team

Interested in manufacturing, joined Itagaki. After he rotated teams in the factory, he was assigned to the welding team. He is now in charge of welding columns.
*Employee affiliations are as of the time of the interview

Determinant of joining the company

Fascinated by the world of manufacturing, decided to join the company

When I was looking for a job, I was looking for a healthy company where I could balance my work and private life while being involved in manufacturing. When I visited Itagaki's company, I was fascinated by the dynamic world when I saw the scene of welding a pillar about 10m in a large-scale factory. When I learned that Itagaki was in charge of the Tokyo Skytree, a landmark that is famous both in Japan and overseas, I decided to join the company because I wanted to be involved in a big project myself.

Welding team where elites gather

Relieve anxiety with gentle follow-up from seniors

After training, I was assigned to a welding team of about 10 people. I was worried about whether I would be able to do it because it was a group that required technical skills, but my seniors gave me kind and thorough guidance, so it was quickly resolved. Currently, I am able to think and weld on my own while keeping in mind two things: "safety first" and "not forgetting to pay attention to details." Each and every employee is actively taking on the challenge of obtaining qualifications to improve their technical skills, and I am also studying to obtain the AW Test.

Participation in big projects

Fun is the process of overcoming difficult problems

In my second year at the company, I spent half a year building the "Daiichi Freight Co., Ltd. Shonai Branch" across from the factory. I was happy when it was completed because it was a project that I was involved in all of the welding process and it was a building that I see every day. It is an environment where even young people can take on challenges if they raise their hand, so I have participated in big projects such as "Toranomon Hospital" and "All Nippon Airways Tonomachi Business Center". I find it interesting to master welding work that I have no experience with while receiving advice from my seniors.

For job seekers

I want to work with someone who enjoys hard work

I want to work with a motivated person who can take things seriously. If you are interested in the structure of buildings and have good communication skills, it would be even better. I am currently in the middle of honing my skills so that people will say, "If you leave it to this person, you will feel safe." I want to work with someone who enjoys hard work and gains experience. If you don't understand something, your superiors and seniors will follow up closely, so why don't you take on the challenge of "building a building that everyone knows" together?


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