Flow until delivery

We provide a one-stop service to meet a wide range of customer needs, from construction meetings to material procurement, drawing creation, processing/manufacturing, quality control, and on-site construction of steel frames.

Responsible from start to finish, from meetings with customers to after-sales follow-up after delivery to the site.
Leave it to us at Itagaki.

  • Business meeting
    [Sales] receives requests for quotations from general contractors, trading companies, and design offices, and [Purchasing] confirms the delivery date and amount and negotiates to receive orders for the property.
    [Purchasing] is an important task, not only to purchase at an appropriate price, but also to ensure that materials arrive in time for production.
  • Agreement
    The project begins in earnest.
  • Construction meeting
    [Sales] and [Construction] hold meetings with clients (general contractors and trading companies) regarding construction and schedules. By making detailed arrangements at this point, you can avoid creating "returns" in the production process.
    In this meeting, we use the "design drawing" created by the design office (the "design drawing" showing the exterior and interior, and the "structural drawing" showing the framework), but in order to actually manufacture the steel frame, Detailed drawings are required.
  • Making the plan
    Drawing creation by [production design]. Based on the design drawing, we create a "steel frame general drawing and detailed drawing" that shows what kind of members and dimensions are required. At the same time, we will also include safety temporary construction in the drawings so that work can be done safely on the steel frame during construction according to the site.
  • Machining meeting
    The drawing created in [Production design] is finished as a processing drawing for production. In the processing drawing, write down the information necessary for manufacturing (part number, detailed mounting position, precautions, etc.) in an easy-to-understand manner. While looking at the completed processing drawings, we hold meetings on [Production Design] and [Manufacturing], and finally proceed to production.
  • Production
    As the primary processing, the material is drilled and cut with a dedicated machine, and each member is assembled and welded according to the processing drawing. The factory is mainly divided into the production of columns and beams, and automatic welding robots are used to weld the main materials of columns to ensure stable quality.
  • Quality confirmation / inspection
    [Quality control] uses an ultrasonic flaw detector to inspect for defects inside the weld.
    In addition, after "in-house inspection" such as appearance inspection, dimension inspection, confirmation of consistency between drawing and product, the completed product undergoes "product inspection" in the presence of the client, design office, and third party organization. The products that pass the inspection are carried out to the construction site.
  • Delivery and after-sales follow-up
    Since additional construction may occur after delivery to the site, [Construction] will check the site and follow up with the client until the steel frame construction is completed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.